Blessed with ideal climatic conditions, Bon Courage enjoys long sunlight hours in summer, which ensure optimum ripeness and a perfect balance between sugar and acid. Low rainfall during the growing period minimizes the need for pesticides, and computerised drip irrigation is used to achieve scientific control of water application. The Estate is fanned by a cool south-easterly breeze from the Indian Ocean during afternoons and evenings. Nights are chilly and often misty, further enhancing the delicate and elusive flavours and aromas of the grapes.

To sustain the superior quality of the grapes, yields are kept low, water supply is controlled and canopy management is strictly applied.

When the temperature is low, the grapes produce the most subtle flavours and therefore night harvesting was introduced in 1986. The combination of perfect fruit, state-of-the-art cellar technology and the traditional skills of winemaking learned over generations, have resulted in a wine offering of superior quality.