Bon Courage

Estate Wines

These wines are truly from the heart of the estate, identified by their elegance, consistency in quality and intense fruit flavours. The range is extensive due to the diverse terroir that characterises the estate.

André and Jacques take full advantage of this gift to carefully harmonise soil and cultivar to achieve great diversity and exceptional quality in their wines.



Lady of the House Pinotage Rosé

Hints of strawberries bursting forth on the nose, accompanied by subtle undertones of rose petals.

Strawberry flavours early in the mouth with a lingering aftertaste of candy floss.

Delicious with seafood dishes, especially lemon butter yellowtail on the braai, sushi, smoked salmon or cold meat & cheese platter. Also a wonderful companion to salads, pizzas and light pasta dishes.

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Blush Vin Doux Sparkling Wine

A delightful carbonated sparkling wine with a slight hint of Muscat on the nose. Clean, fruity and refreshing finish. This pink semi-sweet sparkling wine makes a refreshing alternative to the norm and it is perfect accompaniment for the pool, beach or lounge. Specially made for all Bon Courage bubbly drinkers to accompany all the good things in life. A pleasant wine that will manage to steel your heart as well
as to make happy times memorable!

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The Gooseberry Bush Sauvignon Blanc

A delicate fruitful wine in the “new world” style. The upfront acids add a refreshing dimension. The style is crisp and dry with mouthwatering gooseberry and tropical fruit salad flavours, with a hint of citrus on the palate.

These carry through well into a long tangy finish. Nose loaded with guava and coriander amongst other ripe tropical tones. It is excellent with seafood, pasta, grilled chicken kebabs and fresh summer salads.

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Estate Blend (Colombard / Chardonnay)

A medley of fresh fruit flavours, including peaches, pears and lemons is offered by this wine’s bouquet and palate. Full on fruit, the firm acid adds to the wine’s briskly clean style and youthful appeal. The rich characters of this wine are not only in the nose but also in the lingering aftertaste.

The Chardonnay compliments the fruitiness and breaks the natural high acidity of the Colombard. Ideal with seafood and lightly spiced meat. Best enjoyed in its youth to capture the freshness

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Chardonnay Unwooded

Tropical tones with orange peel and melon notes. Citrus shows in clean, lively mouth with some lees and lime notes. Clean, fresh, lemon zesty finish. It can be enjoyed with crumbled fish, fried calamari, chicken casseroles and roast pork with applesauce.

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Chardonnay Prestige Cuveé

The influence of the French oak gives this wine an appealing round texture and great complexity. A lovely harmony is formed by a hint of citrus and vanilla that makes an elegant wine.

Lime gold colour indicates some mature notes which are highlighted in a big, full nose where peach and citrus combine to give super complexity. Big mouth packed with flavours including grapefruit, lime, lees. Vanilla and butterscotch give crème bruleè characters. This wine is delicious with fish in a creamy sauce, sushi, Thai dishes, paté and turkey. Drinkable now or over the next 2 to 3 years.

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Dry Gewürztraminer

Full bodied complex wine with spice. Lingering aftertaste

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André’s Fame Colombard

This wine’s attraction lies in its fresh, exuberant aromas and invigorating palate. The concentrated guava and pineapple fruitiness on the nose spills over onto the palate. Rounded in the mouth full of flavour, yet light and lively.

Delightful summer quaffer, yet a pleasing food wine. A lovely patio wine – best consumed in its youth. This juicy crisp wine, with its lingering fruity after-taste is ideal with seafood and lightly spiced meats.

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The Mulberry Bush Merlot

Hints of plums and soft tones of black berries.
Smooth and well-rounded mouth-feel finishing with a complex velvet texture and soft tannins.

Made to be enjoyed now or within 3-4 years.

Robust meat dishes, casseroles and stews with sweet fruit, grilled meats on the “braai” with a sweet style barbeque sauce.
Also compliments with lightly spicy foods.

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Estate Blend (Cabernet / Shiraz)

An absolute divine nose, which captures the fruitiness of the black grape. Tones of tobacco combined with walnuts and berries make this an outstanding blend.

Soft oak gives this blend body and a smooth texture. To be served with hearty roasts, steak, oxtail and poultry dishes.

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Cabernet Sauvignon

An absolute divine nose, which captures the fruitiness of the black grape. Tones of tobacco combined with walnuts and berries make this an outstanding blend. Soft oak gives this blend body and a smooth texture. To be served with hearty roasts, steak, oxtail and poultry dishes.

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The Pepper Tree Shiraz

Although there remains some youthful greenness, the bouquet of this full-bodied wine suggests tremendously ripe fruit, reminiscent of spicy plum jam. Ripe, sweet-fruited nose with loads of berry fruit, pepper and vanilla with subtle hints of karoo bos. Full rounded mouth adds plum to all that the nose suggested.

Smoke and spice develop as the glass stands. Rounded tannins make for very easy drinking even at this early age but will develop with great benefit over 4/5 years. This wine should benefit from further maturation

Good food wine, especially rich stews and winter food. It is ideal with spiced game casseroles, stuffed roast pork of lamb or pickled tongue.

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Ripe bananas, mulberry and plum make up the complex nose. Smooth, rounded mouth with all the flavour, the nose promised with velvety flow across the palate with sweet fruited, wellrounded tannins. Long, sustained finish. Good now yet has potential to develop over 4/5 years. Good food wine or as stand-alone drink.

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White Muscadel

Rich and gold in colour with an intense Muscat and raison bouquet, all confirmed on the palate. A well balanced dessert wine with a lingering aftertaste. Enjoy all year round, lightly chilled or with crushed ice.

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Red Muscadel

Full sweet dessert wine with a floral bouquet and Muscat flavours on the nose, all confirmed on the palate. Enjoy all year round. Lightly chilled or with crushed ice.

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Cape Vintage Port

Medium bodied fortified wine with hints of prunes, plums and black cherry. A deep ruby colour and Crimson dark centre. Prominent berry fruit with spicy mocha chocolate notes. Long complex finish.

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Noble Late Harvest

An elegant dessert wine with hints of honey and fragrances of peach and apricots.

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Gewürztraminer Special Late Harvest

An elegant medium to full sweet white wine with delicate spicy and rose petal fragrances and a hint of botrytis. Turkish delight-like nose mingles with honeysuckle and jasmine. Slow flow across the palate with tropical fruit salad in the mouth.

Rich and full mouth feel with luscious, yet balanced finish with enough zesty acid to make whole mouth appear smooth and rounded rather than particularly sweet. Enjoy as a dessert on its own, with a selection of cheeses or spicy curry and Thai food.

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